Are you interested in learning how to track student progress? Do you want to know how to find out your students Class Connect schedule? Perhaps you want to know how you view a course as your student! Tips, tricks and examples of how you do all this and more is included below! For any additional questions on the Online High School, contact your Academic Liaison.


School Home Page- Learning Coach

Learning Coaches – Using your Learning Coach login, you will have access to your own School Home page. From here you can quickly see how your student is performing by clicking ‘Student Summary’ under his or her name, and have access to valuable school news, school calendars, and frequently used Learning Coach resources. With just one more click you can access additional detailed progress information for your student or switch over to your student’s view of his or her courses. Just click on either the icon with the bar chart (for detailed progress) or the icon with the two people (for the student view) located in the central ‘My Students’ tool.


Setting Time Zone:

Setting Time Zone-Make sure you set your time zone so your dates and times display correctly!

(Tip: Don’t forget to also check your time zone setting on your computer and online high school account in the OLS.)


My Students Tool

Learning Coaches – Need a quick summary of your student’s progress? Click ‘Student Summary’ below your student’s name in the ‘My Students’ tool on your Learning Coach Home Page. Here you can view up-to-the-minute course grades, the last date your student visited each course, and the number of any overdue items.


View as student


Learning Coaches – Want to see your student’s class plans and content so that you can provide additional support?  On your school home page simply click the ‘View As Student’ button (the icon with the two people on it) to the right of your student’s name in the ‘My Student’ tool to see the course just as your student does. Just remember to close the student view when you are done by clicking the X in the user menu.


Viewing detailed progress

Learning Coaches – Need more details about your student’s progress?  Click the ‘View Student Progress’ button across from your student’s name in the ‘My Students’ tool. You can see detailed grade information, how much time a student is spending in the content, discussion activity, and more for each of their courses.


Class Connect tool

Learning Coaches – The Class Connect tool on your school home page allows you to not only view sessions you are invited to, but also allows you to switch and see your student’s Class Connect schedule for the day. Need to see the schedule for future days? Simply click ‘Go to Class Connect’.


My Plan Tool

Learning Coaches – you will only see school events in your ‘My Plan’. To see your student’s plan you must access the student view by clicking ‘View As Student’ in the ‘My Students’ tool on your school home page  (the icon with the two people on it).


Printing Calendars

Learning Coaches- To print schedules for your student you will need to ‘View as Student’ first (click the little icon with two people on it in your ‘My Students’ tool). Then go to the full featured class plan (click on the title of the ‘My Plan’ tool), select the desired view, and then click the print icon.