Frequently Asked Questions:

The intent of this document is to answer FAQs we receive and to help define the roles of the Account Manager, Site Coordinator, and student as they operate within an online school at K12 International Academy.

  1.   What is the role of the Account Manager?
  2.   What is the role of the Site Coordinator?
  3.   How does the Orientation differ from the Online Learning Course?
  4.   How long should my students be working out of their courses each day?
  5.   Are there due dates for student work?
  6.   What is a ‘Registration Key’ and where can I find it?
  7.   What supplies/materials/software does my child need to have for their courses?

What is the role of the Account Manager?

Partner schools are assigned an Account Manager. The Account Manager’s role is to assist with:

-First point of contact for questions
-K12 International Academy Educational Program experience
-Enrollment processing
-Other initial support questions you may have

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What is the role of the Site Coordinator?

“Supportive, involved, communicative and knowledgeable Site Coordinators are the foundation for successful online students.”

Monitoring Students’ Graded Progress - This is done very simply by logging into with your Site Coordinator Username/Password. Your Username/Password is unique to you and is different from the Username/Password used by your student. 

New Online High School: View the “My Students” link on the learning coach homepage. Click the “bar graph” icon for specific student information that includes course: Summary, Grades, Objectives, Content, Discussions, Dropbox, Quizzes, Checklist, Surveys and Login History.

Monitoring Email (formerly K-Mail) - Email is found on the Site Coordinator home page. Teachers will be sending emails to the student regarding course progress, course tips, tricks, and course concerns. The Site Coordinator is automatically cc’d on all these emails so it’s important to check daily. We realize everyone’s schedule varies, so if you are not able to check daily, pick one or two days a week you can spend some time going through email.

Supporting Student In Course Consistency And Teacher Communication - Many schools wonder if a student is required to log into their course at a certain time each day. The answer to that question is “No”. Teachers will hold online office hours/study hall times at set times each weekday, so your student will need to log-in at that time should they wish to take advantage of this interaction. Otherwise, your student is free to work within his/her own time-frame and pace as long as they complete all of the assignments in each course for that week by Midnight (Eastern Time) on Sunday.  Please encourage your students to reach out to the teachers via email, phone, Skype, IM, and office hours/study hall should they have any questions in the course.  In addition, please don’t hesitate to reach out to the teacher and Account Manager yourself with any course-specific questions

Communicate with Account Managers- Communicate with your Account Manager via email, phone and Skype.

Complete Enrollment forms in a timely manner- Ensure you complete the Enrollment form by the last day to enroll. You are also able to utilize the Enrollment Form Quick Reference to assist you. Send completed enrollment form to your Account Manager. Contact your Account Manager with any questions.

Complete Site Coordinator Acknowledgement- Ensures the Site Coordinator understands and has reviewed K12 International Academy policies, procedures and expectations.

Grades are distributed within three to four weeks after the final date of each term. If you need transcripts sooner, please notify your Account Manager early in the semester so they can coordinate with the registrar department. The registrar department requires 7 days for processing of transcripts. Official partner school transcripts and Percentage Grade reports will be sent to the Site Coordinator on file via email.

Additional official or unofficial transcripts (after fall or spring semesters) must be requested by the Partner School through Credential Solutions.  This site allows you to order secure transcripts by following the process from order to receipt.

Your Account Manager will email the enrollment form and term reminders before the end of each semester. Complete the enrollment form and email to your Account Manager

For parent pay schools, the Site Coordinator and/or student will work with their Account Manager to select courses for the next term (Full time students only)

Invoiced schools need to ensure payments are up to date. Schools that have past due amounts will not be able to enroll for the next semester until payment is receive

For payment, please contact your assigned Account Manager

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How does the Orientation differ from the Online Learning Course?

The Orientation is a live virtual event.Students are asked to attend one of the offered Orientation sessions for valuable information about how to operate inside the K12 International Academy online classroom.

The Online Learning Course is an introductory training course that all (new and returning) students are required to complete. Every student is automatically placed in this class upon their enrollment confirmation.  The class begins 7 days prior to the term start date. This course provides students the chance to explore, practice, and demonstrate their understanding of the online classroom experience. It provides critical information for students to be prepared to work in their actual courses on the start date.  It will typically take students anywhere from 2-4 hours to complete in its entirety. Throughout this course, students will complete all units and all quizzes. Site Coordinators are encouraged to review the course alongside the student

*Students who do not complete the Online Learning course within the first 5 days of the term start date will lose access to their courses until Online Learning is completed*

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How long should my students be working out of their courses each day?

-60-90 minutes per course, each day (Core and Comprehensive courses)

-Honors students should spend at least 90 minutes per honors course

-AP students should spend approximately 2 hours per course each day

-For example: If you are taking 6 courses that is 6-8 hours every day (M-F). You can work over the weekends when necessary.

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Are there due dates for student work?

For your convenience, K12 International Academy provides a course calendar specific for each course. This calendar can be found at the left hand side of your student course homepage. This feature provides a day by day breakdown of when each assignment should be turned in. If you follow it, you should never fall behind pace. However, we do understand that sometimes activities prohibit students from being able to turn in assignments daily. Therefore, your assigned work, during the calendar week is due by no later than Sunday at 11:59 Eastern Time. Teacher Graded Assignments more than 4 weeks past due will be given a permanent 0. Please contact your Academic Liaison or teacher with questions.

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What is a ‘Registration Key’ and where can I find it?

If you are a first time K12 International Academy Site Coordinator, the registration key will be sent to you, via email, from K12 after enrollment. Site Coordinators will need to create an account first. After the Site Coordinator creates an account, they will create an account for the student. If you have any problems with this please contact your Acount Manager.

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What supplies/materials/software does my child need to have for their courses?

The student will need to have binders, notebooks, folders, paper, printer paper, printer ink, pens, pencils, etc. to organize all their course information. Click under each Unit within the course for additional Unit Materials. Other items include: computer, printer, and scanner. The suggested software for the computer would be: Microsoft Word (for PC’s), Pages (for Mac), Adobe Flash Player, Adobe Reader and Java. Make sure the computer browser is either: Internet Explorer versions 8 and higher, and/or Mozilla Firefox version 3.6 and higher (for PC’s), and Mozilla Firefox 3.6 and higher (for Mac’s). Any other browser will not work appropriately with the K12 system.

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