Get Keystone Strong!

Welcome to the Keystone Strong Start website - the newest addition to the wealth of resources available to our partner schools to help their students succeed with Keystone.

Whether you are a new Keystone partner or returning Keystone partner, it is important for your faculty and classroom facilitators to become familiar with the links and resources on this site and bookmark them for future reference.

We are committed to providing our partners with all of the resources and support they need for their students to succeed with the Keystone program.

We look forward to helping you and your students get off to a Strong Start!

  1.   Keystone Quick "How To": Tools and Resources
  2.   Keystone Overview for New Staff
  3.   Technical Requirements
  4.   Partner School Handbook

Keystone Quick "How To": Tools and Resources

The additional tools and resources inlcude quick tutorials and policy reminders that were created to assist you and your staff with onboarding new students

How To:  Create your Keystone Schedule

How To:  Navigate the Keystone Classroom _Blackboard Basics 1

How To:  Navigate the Keystone Courses_Blackboard Basics 2

How To:  Submit your Keystone Assignments

How To:  Understand your Keystone Gradebook  

How To:  Understand your Individual Progress Report

How To:  Understand Academic Integrity

How To:  Understand Computer Lab Best Practices


Keystone Overview for New Staff

This tutorial is designed to give new partners and facilitators an overview of the Keystone program.


Technical Requirements

It is important to review the technical requirements to ensure that your students' computers are fully compatable with all Keystone online content.  Technical Requirements 


Partner School Handbook

It is important for your school administration and classroom facilitators to review the Partner School Handbook. The handbook contains important information regarding our policies and procedures, academic integrity, and how to get started.

Please review the handbook in it's entirety. Once completed, please fill out the Partner School Handbook Acknowledgement and return a copy to your Account Manager.


Have additional questions about getting off to a Strong Start? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page, or contact your Keystone Account Manager by phone or email.  We're always here to help!