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For students to be successfull in their Keystone courses it is vital that your classroom facilitators and faculty understand how the Blackboard Learning Management System (LMS) functions and what is expected of the students while taking Keystone courses. Understanding the "student experience" is a key component in maximizing opportunity for success.

We recommend that you share these tools and resources with your classroom facilitators prior to the start of classes.

  1.   Contacting Keystone Teachers
  2.   Choosing Keystone Courses
  3.   Computer Lab - Best Practices Video Tutorial And Reference Document

Contacting Keystone Teachers

Keystone teachers can be contacted by phone, email, or postal mail for questions about course
content, getting help with difficult material, journals projects, or Keystone policies. Students should
call 1-866-MYTEACHER (1-866-698-3224) and follow the automated prompts to enter the specific
teacher’s phone extension. Teacher e-mail addresses are available to online students within the Staff
Information section of each course, and for print students on a contact list mailed at the time of
course enrollment.


Choosing Keystone Courses

The Keystone School offers Kindergarten -12th grade curriculum, including core, Advanced Placement and elective courses.

Online High School Program
The Keystone online high school program is a self-directed, independent study program
that uses award winning online curriculum to guide students through their learning.

Keystone High School Course Catalog

Keystone Middle School Course Catalog

Keystone Elementary School Course Catalog 


Computer Lab - Best Practices Video Tutorial And Reference Document

This tutorial provides tips, strategies, and best practices for setting up an online learning environment that provides your students the best opportunity for success.

Computer Lab Best Practices with Keystone Courses




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